9 Jan

MaineCoonI recently created a Zazzle shop to sell my art reproduced on clothing, housewares, stickers, and other objects. I wanted to offer and even more affordable and functionable option for people who would like to support my art. Right now I feature mostly paintings of pets but I do have a couple Egyptian dieties and other animals. And if you don’t see something that you would like let me know! The entire process of getting the products up is a little time consuming and tedious so I am planning on adding more and more through the next few weeks or months.


Custom Paintings Holiday Deadline

18 Nov

Custom Paintings Holiday Deadline

If you are interested in hiring me to create a custom holiday gift the deadline is approaching. If you live in Southern Vermont or Southwestern New Hampshire I will give you until December 8th to order. Everyone else get those orders in before Thanksgiving! You can visit my website (click the photo) to get an idea for pricing or email me at



7 Aug


I recently found out about this neat crowd-sourcing website called Patron21. Visual artists, musicians, performance artists and other creative types can offer subscription services to their fans to gain consistent monthly funding to work on their art! I am trying it out to see if it goes anywhere. Like kickstarter artists are encouraged to offer rewards at different price points. I often have people ask me if they can get on a payment plan or have people tell me that they want to buy my work but don’t have enough money. So what I am doing is giving patrons a dollar for dollar credit for every dollar they spend on the subscription plus a discount…so after a year or so they could have $24+ ($2 is the minimum monthly subscription) saved up to spend on one of my creations. Everyone who subscribes between $2 and $100 gets a 10% discount. The discount gets larger with larger subscription plans. For additional fun I’m going to send all patrons a free coloring page each month included in a monthly email letting everyone know what I’m up to.

Broke Arts Fest

31 May

June 8th I will be participating in the broke arts fest, part of The Thing in the Spring, in Peterborough, NH. All of the artists showing will have items available for under $50! It’s happening 10 am to 4 pm at 1 Grove St in Peterborough.

I will be selling small paintings, buttons and coloring books and will be giving out postcards.


Celeste & Gabe

28 Mar

CelesteGabey2©2012 Mindy Fisher

12″x12″ Gouache on board.

A portrait of a girl and her best friend.



22 Mar


©2012 Mindy Fisher
Gouache on Board

If you are contemplating getting a custom ornaglyph but can’t decide on which photos to use consider getting a grouping. They can be arranged together on a wall or spread throughout your space as little (or big) reminders all over your house. They don’t even have to be the same sizes. Visit my Makeably page or email me if you are interested (



26 Feb

Hey everyone! I am now offering my first coloring book as a freebie that you may download via scribd! Download it and color away.

Recently some friends of mine lost their child, Charlie, who was born pre-maturely. They encouraged their friends and family to do special things for the children in their lives and to share that with them. They also asked people to donate books to libraries in his name and they also set up a fund in his honor for A Place Called Home. I really loved how they took something tragic and instead turned it into something where positivity is being spread around. It’s inspirational for sure! That is why I am offering this coloring book in his memory.


31 Jan



It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. This summer I moved out to the east coast. Up until last week we had been living out of boxes at my moms house. Because of this I had taken a small hiatus from painting (and instead did quite a bit of video game playing). My boyfriend and I bought a nice little house in Springfield, Vermont and are finally getting settled in. Now I have plenty of room for art making!

Right before we moved in I was invited to join an online market place that only offers custom work named Makeably. Right now I am only offering custom portraits but I might try to think up some other fun things to sell on there. Check it out, there’s lots of good stuff there!


26 Jul

This Friday I will be showing my work at The Pendleton Arts Center in Cincinnati at my new friend Dawn B. Dwyers studio! I’m going to have 16 paintings available that are not on my website. Click the image above for more info.


Cleaning House

25 Jun

Cleaning House

I recently moved to the East Coast and wanted to clear out space for new projects and paintings. What this means is that I will be ebay-ing some of my older paintings. I really want to get these on walls instead of hiding them away in boxes so the starting bids are low. Click on the image above to go to the auctions. I’ll be posting paintings every couple days so keep checking!