Internet Free

31 Jul

I’ve been internet free for the past month which was at the same time kind of nice and kind of annoying. It freed up a lot of time to work on a project that I’ve been meaning to do and I should be done with that pretty soon. It’s going to be my first coloring book! So far I have 15 pages done.

I’ve been thinking about how I want to produce and distribute the coloring book. My plan is to have it available 3 different ways. The first way is that I’m going to send a copy of it to Love Bunni Press so that he can make photo-copy versions of it to distribute. Then I’m going to have a hard copy and a e-version available from I think this will be smart because then I won’t have 1,000 copies of it taking up space in my apartment and I won’t have to deal with logistics. I love the idea of an e-coloring book because anyone who buys it can print it out as many times as they want…so if you have 3 kids it’s like getting 3 coloring books for the price of one.


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