New pricing coming soon….

12 Jan

After much thought I have decided to significantly raise my prices on custom portraits for 2011. My prices will be fixed and at the end of the year I will re-evaluate to see if I want to raise them again.

There are several factors as to why I have made this decision and I would like to share those with you. The number one reason is that my time has grown much more valuable. I’ve involved myself in some new and exciting projects that are super time-consuming (learning and creating animation). The second reason is that after taking several years to craft my style I have a better understanding of just how long it takes to complete a painting. And the last reason (but undoubtedly the most important) is that if I want to grow as an artist and be able to spend more time working on art I need to work towards being able to sustain myself minus a day job.

All in all I think I have created a price sheet that is both fair for myself and my clients. If you are interested in ordering a custom portrait feel free to email me. I am also flexible with payment and can work out some kind of monthly payment plan if you wish.

Please join my email list if you would like to know when I have the new price sheet up! I promise not to spam you (to be frank, I doubt that I’ll send out emails more than once every two months).


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