Mental Patients Against Stigma

1 Sep

My partner has lived with bipolar disorder, anxiety and agoraphobia for many years now. It’s always disappointing to hear the ignorant views that people have towards people who have mental disorders and illnesses…and we often discuss what can be done to change this and really the only answer that we can think of is that there needs to be more awareness. One day Calvin came up with an idea to design a t-shirt. We thought about it and brainstormed for a couple weeks. Calvin came up with the slogan and acted as the art director, I created the graphic.

What we wanted to convey is that people with mental disorders carry a great weight on their shoulders and they need support from people instead of being kicked down. I had the image of Atlas in my mind so used that as a reference and switched the globe to a brain. We wanted to keep it simple so we also used traffic signs as inspiration. Calvin didn’t think he deserved credit for the design but he really did help direct me and I changed quite a few things in the design due to his critique. Having a second set of eyes was a huge help to me, I am not used to being a graphic designer.

We also want to mention that we gave this graphic an Attribution license under Creative Commons…so this means you can reuse it in any way you see fit. The idea is that we want this to get around to as many people as possible.  If you need the vector for anything feel free to email me at and I will happily send it to you! We also set up a zazzle shop where you can purchase shirts and other merchandise if you don’t feel like making your own.


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