7 Aug


I recently found out about this neat crowd-sourcing website called Patron21. Visual artists, musicians, performance artists and other creative types can offer subscription services to their fans to gain consistent monthly funding to work on their art! I am trying it out to see if it goes anywhere. Like kickstarter artists are encouraged to offer rewards at different price points. I often have people ask me if they can get on a payment plan or have people tell me that they want to buy my work but don’t have enough money. So what I am doing is giving patrons a dollar for dollar credit for every dollar they spend on the subscription plus a discount…so after a year or so they could have $24+ ($2 is the minimum monthly subscription) saved up to spend on one of my creations. Everyone who subscribes between $2 and $100 gets a 10% discount. The discount gets larger with larger subscription plans. For additional fun I’m going to send all patrons a free coloring page each month included in a monthly email letting everyone know what I’m up to.

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