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My head is still kind of spinning…

15 Jun

Due to a massive amount of business I have been neglecting my blog! Sorry about that. This is an old doodle I created in 2008. I have newer stuff coming soonish (I just gotta take some photos). I figure it’s better to focus my energy on learning After Effects and painting rather than fiddling around with marketing and junk. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple months:

* Painting mostly custom portraits and some random small paintings (which I plan on getting in my web store soon).

* Learning After Effects using After Effects Apprentice. I’m almost done with the book and I really think After Effects is much, much better than Flash. The learning curve might be higher but once you know your way around it is so much simpler as far as keyframing. I am looking forward into diving into another project.

* I finished the Fox animation and it will be having it’s world premiere at the Old Town School of Folk Music on July 29th! Tangleweed and Shotgun Party will be performing as well. It should be lots of fun!

* Teaching comics to kids in Oak Park. I’ll be teaching a few workshops through the summer too if you know any interested kids…

Trick or Treat Comic Jam

31 Oct

This is a great comic-jam that I created with two of my students at Right-Brained Studio during my comic book making class. Comic jams are great exercises for beating writers block. We each took turns writing and drawing panels so the story would be completely unpredictable. I think this one is a perfect execution because it’s short, absurd and has a great punchline (and really the funniest parts were drawn by the kids).

Mini Comics and Jams

29 Aug

If you are reading this, live in Chicago, and can get over to Humboldt Park at 5pm on a Wednesday night then you should come to my “Mini Comics and Jams” class. I teach it at Rumble Arts which is a great community arts center located at 3413 W. North Ave. Classes are donation based but if you are broke do not worry, I’d love to have you there anyways. Bring along your friends too.

Classes are generally pretty small so we go over whatever you want to learn. If you have no idea where to start with making a mini-comic I’ll point you in a direction and we can go from there. Sometimes the entire class will be devoted to just creating comic jams which are spontaneous group-made comic strips that often turn out surreal and hilarious. No drawing experience is necessary. This is not a drawing class but rather we go over processes you can use to create comics.


Mini Comics and Jams @ Rumble Arts 3413 W. North Ave.

Wednesdays from 5pm-6pm. The first time you come you may want to come a few minutes early to register.

Summer Workshops @ Right-Brained!

29 May

If you have kids you should check out Right-Brained Studio in Oak Park, IL. I will be teaching some sewing workshops there over the summer. One class will include creating felt cuffs/bracelets and the other will be cool creature pins (also sewn from felt). Right-Brained will also be holding week-long art camps and a graffiti workshop. For more info about times/dates and registration CLICK HERE!

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