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26 Jul

This Friday I will be showing my work at The Pendleton Arts Center in Cincinnati at my new friend Dawn B. Dwyers studio! I’m going to have 16 paintings available that are not on my website. Click the image above for more info.


Cleaning House

25 Jun

Cleaning House

I recently moved to the East Coast and wanted to clear out space for new projects and paintings. What this means is that I will be ebay-ing some of my older paintings. I really want to get these on walls instead of hiding them away in boxes so the starting bids are low. Click on the image above to go to the auctions. I’ll be posting paintings every couple days so keep checking!


Hey, I’m Accommodating!

25 Apr

Hey, I'm Accommodating!

It isn’t often that I stray from my signature color palette. Recently I was commissioned to create a group of portraits for a family here in Chicago. I was asked to use an earthier scheme so I decided that it would be fun to change it up for once (and it’s always a treat to pick out new colors for my paint collection). So what I’m trying to say here is that if you like what I’m doing but want to coordinate your art with your curtains I am probably willing to accommodate you with color requests.

6 Dec

Chaos Yin Yang ©2011 Calvin Naylor

I mentioned earlier that Ein Ein Buttons created a set of custom pinback buttons featuring my art. The Ein Ein Buttons shop is now live so if you are looking for some fun stocking stuffers, custom buttons for your business, band or art, or just some random stuff for yourself then follow this link. Ein Ein also has a facebook page and if you are one of the first 20 people to send your mailing address to them you get a free button!

Ein Ein

30 Oct

I’m playing around with gifs today. I’m getting my mind into working on my next project. I think if I work on small, 5 second chunks I will feel much more motivated. This one is for my partner who wants to start selling 1″ buttons under the name “Ein Ein Buttons”. It sounds cute and scary.

For this I just took a bunch of photos of one sketch using a fish-eye lens. Then I threw it in After Effects to make a composition and added filters, animated effects and text.



30 Oct


My friend Kelly P. and I made this one summer. We were going to make a bunch of stop-motions out of trash that we found in the alley’s of Chicago.

Chicken Lady @ Right-Brained Studio

28 Oct

This photo was taken about a month ago at Right-Brained Studio’s pop-up gallery The Candy Store. I made this giant chicken lady for a window display that never was completed due to lack of resources and storage space. Now she’s on display in Oak Park! If anyone is interested in acquiring this bird I’ll take the best offer. Or go here and buy her.