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13 Feb

©2012 Grombulus

This is what I’m currently working on. Right now it’s a collaboration with Jamie Flam, Vanessa Ragland, Caryn Ruby, Valerie Dambold and whoever else wants to join in on the fun. Initially I wanted a song of made up jibberish that I could make a video to. I wanted to be able to throw in a lot of ornaglyphs and create something that wasn’t a literal interpretation of something else. Later on Jamie and I both decided it would be even more fun and exciting to open up the project to anyone who feels like contributing. Guidelines are below. Let me know if there are any questions!

The Song: You can listen to it here. This was written and performed by Jamie and Vanessa. I just noticed the link is broken so if you want in email me: info@ornaglyphology.com and I will send an mp3.

What I am looking for: Original artwork that is inspired by the song. This can include backdrops, paintings, scribbles, doodles, cartoon characters, ascemic writing, paint splatters, photographs, short video clips (5-20 seconds), etc. I will be using almost everything that gets contributed. And I want to emphasize that all skill levels are welcome! Even if you don’t feel like you are creative please jump in anyways, this will be fun! Be as spontaneous as you want to be. I will be using images/video layered in with my animations to be part of the scenery/atmosphere. The submissions may even influence what happens within the video on my end.

Things to know:

  •  Original art only please. Art/photos should be high-resolution (at least 300dpi). Keep in mind that I will be altering and layering the artwork to fit within the video and to create a consistent atmosphere. Email me at info@ornaglyphology.com if you want to contribute!
  • As of right now there is no deadline. When I get closer to finishing my art I will have a better of idea of when I need art from contributers!
  •  My motivation for creating this video is fun, experience and learning. I have no plans on monetizing Grombulus (except maybe for fundraising for charity, those plans are in the distant future) so there’s no pay involved here. Anyone who contributes will be in the credits.

7 reasons why you should be coloring!

19 Sep

Copyright D Sharon Pruitt

Be forewarned: this list is kind of cheesy and is based on opinion and not scientific fact.

1. It’s relaxing! When you color you can just zone out. I don’t know much about color therapy but seeing certain colors next to each other makes me happy (I get color therapy out of crocheting too when I combine certain colors).  Use coloring to de-stress.

2. It improves fine motor skills. Using various art tools and concentrating on different levels of detail will force your hands to have more control. Try using both hands.

3. You can learn drawing techniques. Looking at one line drawing for an extended period time can be a great opportunity to learn  how other people draw. I teach at an art studio and the owner was telling me that it’s actually a great way for kids to learn drawing skills. Often times if they see a drawing they like they want to mimic it. Tracing a line drawing is a great way to learn shapes,  and how they work with each other (and then you can apply it to your own art).

4. You can enhance your creativity. Add your own touch when you are coloring a page. Try making the sky plaid, turn the characters into zombies, add your own characters, etc. You don’t have to color in the lines. A coloring page can be a worry-free way to experiment on some techniques.

5. Use coloring for educational purposes. When I was a kid coloring pages of anatomy parts and geography were especially helpful. Do a google search on any subject you want to learn about and you can probably find a coloring book that will fit.

6. It gets you away from the computer. Try turning off your tv and pick up your crayons instead. Give your eyes a rest from screens.

7. Your fridge needs to be decorated! I don’t think I need to expand on this comment.

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