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10 Mar

If you are in the NYC area between April 9th and 10th I will be there tabling at MOCCA! I am very excited for this, there are going to be lots of awesome artists attending (Peter Bagge, Jules Feiffer, Bill Plympton and Jessica Abel to name a few of my favorites). Right now I’m hustling to complete a mini comic and some paintings so I have some new stuff to offer. I’m also thinking of doing a small printing of Chicken Head Hit-Lady (my 24 hour comic from a couple years ago), the coloring book and will also have the Suburban Legends mini’s. I can’t wait!


Weekly goals

27 Feb

I’m getting ready to participate in MOCCA in April. I really want to have a new mini-comic ready for that plus some paintings so I have set up some goals for each week to stay on track. If I follow this I will have a 24 page mini comic and 12 small paintings in addition to my coloring book, my 24 hour comic book, chicken head pins, regular pins, and older mini’s.  I also hope to make a slideshow of my custom portraits so I can have a dvd player showing that stuff (as well as the music video).  I’m super excited for this!

My weekly goals for march:

First 4 weeks (each week)
*put down 7 layers of paint on my paintings
*pencil 4 pages
*ink those 4 pages

Final week:
*Design cover for mini-comic
*Do ornaglyphic writing on paintings and fix mistakes
*Get ready for MOCCA (NYC!!!)!

Extra Credit: Practice drums 100 minutes a week.