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10 Mar

If you are in the NYC area between April 9th and 10th I will be there tabling at MOCCA! I am very excited for this, there are going to be lots of awesome artists attending (Peter Bagge, Jules Feiffer, Bill Plympton and Jessica Abel to name a few of my favorites). Right now I’m hustling to complete a mini comic and some paintings so I have some new stuff to offer. I’m also thinking of doing a small printing of Chicken Head Hit-Lady (my 24 hour comic from a couple years ago), the coloring book and will also have the Suburban Legends mini’s. I can’t wait!

Weekly goals

27 Feb

I’m getting ready to participate in MOCCA in April. I really want to have a new mini-comic ready for that plus some paintings so I have set up some goals for each week to stay on track. If I follow this I will have a 24 page mini comic and 12 small paintings in addition to my coloring book, my 24 hour comic book, chicken head pins, regular pins, and older mini’s.  I also hope to make a slideshow of my custom portraits so I can have a dvd player showing that stuff (as well as the music video).  I’m super excited for this!

My weekly goals for march:

First 4 weeks (each week)
*put down 7 layers of paint on my paintings
*pencil 4 pages
*ink those 4 pages

Final week:
*Design cover for mini-comic
*Do ornaglyphic writing on paintings and fix mistakes
*Get ready for MOCCA (NYC!!!)!

Extra Credit: Practice drums 100 minutes a week.

Trick or Treat Comic Jam

31 Oct

This is a great comic-jam that I created with two of my students at Right-Brained Studio during my comic book making class. Comic jams are great exercises for beating writers block. We each took turns writing and drawing panels so the story would be completely unpredictable. I think this one is a perfect execution because it’s short, absurd and has a great punchline (and really the funniest parts were drawn by the kids).

Check out Chika a Day!

16 Oct

I met Naomi Martinez probably about five years ago when I was tabling at the DIY Trunk Show for the first time.  She told me that she was working on a comic book and gave me her card. Later in the year we met up again at Gutters which was a monthly comic book group held at Chicago Comics. Since then we’ve been great friends and I really admire her style (and she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met).

Naomi’s art is always positive, colorful and fun. The majority of her pieces feature Chika’s (super cool grrrls) and Monstrochika who is a little furry, blue monster. She also creates plushes, murals, and other fun stuff. Someday I would love to see a children’s book from Naomi. Until then I recommend checking out her website and her blog. Currently she is drawing a doodle a day and has over 20 doodles up so far. The image I have featured here is one of those (and it kind of reminds me of myself when I was little).